If you want to help make the world a better place this
Christmas. f you want to give a gift that shows how much you
care… then please, give a Trócaire Gift of Love. Together we
can help people improve their lives, escape poverty and look
forward to a brighter better future.
To help with this idea we have ‘Gifts of Love’ in various price
ranges displayed on the table near Our Lady’s shrine in
St. Mark’s Church. There will be someone there after Mass to
assist you if you wish to buy one of these gifts for a loved one
or for yourself.
How it works: Select the gift you want to buy from those
displayed on the table. You will get a beautiful card to give to
someone or keep for yourself, showing the Gift of Love you’ve
chosen. Your Gift of Love is sourced in the country where it’s
needed, so it supports local business and a family in need
receives the gift, helping them to change their lives.
The following are the some of the gifts on offer:
For the Farm:
Send some chicks. Your gift of a chick will grow up to
provide nutritious food for families in Ethiopia and Kenya – €8
Make a garden grow – Gift of Seeds and Tools – €15
Give a goat . A goat will grow up to produce 4 litres of milk
a day and grow up to have baby goats of her own- €50
Gift of a Beehive. In drought stricken Kenya, a beehive is a
lifesaving alternative to farming – €65
Ox Plough and Farming Tools Gift – €200
Gift of a Solar Lamp for safe clean light in the evenings for
cooking, homework and chores – €15
Gift of School Lunches will give four children a hot lunch
every day for a month – €20
Gift of a School Kit will send a child to school, pay for
school fees, teachers salaries, and books and pencils to – €30
Other Gifts: Gift of Help for Grandparents who often have
to step in when children are orphaned due to illness, accident or
war – €50
Gift of Water. Dirty water can kill a child in a few short
hours but your gift will go on saving lives for years.
Check out the many gifts on offer on the table in the church.