Trócaire – Gifts of Love

Trócaire – Gifts of Love
No gift can change a life, like a Trócaire Gift of Love.
If you want to help make the world a better place this
Christmas, if you want to give a gift that shows how much you
care …then please, give a Trócaire Gift of Love. Together, with
Trócaire, you can help people improve their lives, escape
poverty and look forward to a brighter, better future.
We have a table set up beside Our Lady’s shrine in St. Mark’s
Church where you can choose a gift to buy and receive a card to
give to a family member or a friend. Cards can be bought from
as little as €8 (a gift of a Chick), or perhaps you might like to
give seeds and tools for €15 or a goat for €50. Such gifts can
help struggling families in places such as Ethiopia, Kenya,
South Sudan. There are also Gifts of Love to help children with
their education in these countries.
Why not take a look after Mass and make a real difference in
helping families and communities to change their lives for the