Vision 2020: Faith into the Future

Vision 2020: Faith into the Future

Dear friends, 
This email is a reminder about two online biblical events: Ecumenical Bible Week 2020 and the Scripture Summer School 2020. To take part in one or both, it is necessary to register (see below). Both ventures are new in their online formats and we are excited about the potential to reach far more people. If you know someone who might be interested, please let them know or simply forward this email.  

1. Ecumenical Bible Week 2020
Our parish-based programmes have been postponed to the autumn, on account of the pandemic. However, a replacement online programme has been created. All the details are on our EBW website. The programme offers an opening event  (June 2 @ 10.00am), a closing event (June 7 @7.00pm) and a webinar (June 4 @ 3.00pm). The webinar topic is: “In light of the C19 crisis and the increased digital presence, where to form here for faith communities?” We have been fortunate to able able assemble an exceptional team for this online seminar. To take part in each or all of the events, it is necessary to register on our website.

2. Vision 2020: Faith into the Future/ Scripture Summer School
Our annual Summer School takes place this year online. The overall topic is “Vision 2020: Faith into the Future.” (See the poster in this email.) Each presenter is offering 6 presentations on their chosen topic. The School this year is spread over two weeks, to allow time to “attend” to the pre-recorded Zoom lectures at your leisure. In the week June 22-26, there will be four live Zoom conferences for Q+A and further discussion. The cost per household is €40. To register, all you do is send an email to me and then make the payment online. Our sincere hope is that the Summer School will still be an enjoyable learning experience for everyone. All the details may be seen on the dedicated web page.

Bookings for the SSS 2020 are going well, thank God. If you were thinking of talking part, now is the time to get in touch. 

Wishing you a blessed Pentecost, 

Kieran O’Mahony OSA

New: Hearers of the Word YouTube channel with extra talks on the Gospels