WORLD MISSION SUNDAY – 20th October 2019

It is World Mission Sunday this weekend, a day
when our entire Church family comes together for a
truly incredible celebration of solidarity. Today,
every single church around the world shares what
they can, so that the vital work of the Church and our
missionaries can continue. Through your extra
generosity, you are offering much needed financial
help to missionaries who dedicate their lives to those
who are suffering and neglected. From all the
missionaries your kindness supports, thank you for
digging deeper today. The collection replaces the
normal Share collection.
If you’d like to further support World Mission
unday, you can donate €4 right now, by texting the
word ‘Mission’ to 50300. (Texts cost €4. World
Mission Ireland will receive a minimum of €3.60.
Service Provider: Like Charity.
Helpline: 076 680 5278).
World Missions Ireland, the Churches charity for
overseas mission, is responsible for the coordination
of Mission Month. Go to to learn more
about their work.