Scripture Notes – Sunday 27th February 2022

Building your house on rock According to the geographer and traveller, Pausanias, the Temple of Apollo, the home of the Delphic oracle, had three teachings on display: “know yourself”, “nothing to excess” and “certainty leads to insanity.” The first of these is not a bad summary of this Sunday’s conclusion of the Sermon on the Plain in Luke. Welcome The third and final part of the Sermon on the Plain…


Exploring the Bible

Exploring the Bible   Since 2012, a group of parishioners has been meeting each week, to explore the Bible and to ask ourselves, how it might relate to our lives today. Before the Pandemic, we met in Shalom, beside St Mark’s church, each Monday. Some people come weekly, others less frequently. All are welcome!   When the Pandemic hit, we had a gap of a few weeks. However, we discovered that…