Scripture Notes – Easter Sunday – 17th April 2022

“I have seen the Lord” Welcome Alleluia! Christ is risen. He is truly risen. Alleluia. Two passages from Paul stand out for me when we reflect on the resurrection. Not, this time, the obvious ones from Romans or 1 Corinthians. Instead, these two: For the Son of God, Jesus Christ, whom we proclaimed among you, Silvanus and Timothy and I, was not “Yes and No”; but in him it is…


Scripture Notes – Sunday 3rd April 2022

See, I am doing a new deed!   The thread running the readings for the fifth Sunday of Lent should appeal to us all: we need not carry the burden of the past, whether it be moral or existential, our whole lives long. We “do” forgiveness, as we should! It really is possible to start again. PS: I’ve tidied up the drop-down menu on my website to make it less cluttered. I…


Scripture Notes – Sunday 20th March 2022

I am who I am Welcome The readings for the middle Sunday of Lent take us to the heart of the season: conversion to God, “whose name is mercy” (Pope Francis). The revelation of God’s name as “I am who I am” (whence YHWH) is foundational for the faith of Jews and Christians, especially as expanded in Exodus 33: “I will make all my goodness pass before you, and will…


Scripture Notes – Sunday 13th March 2022

This is my Son, the Chosen One. Listen to him. Welcome “This is my Son, the Chosen One. Listen to him!” The transfiguration (Luke does not use the term) invites us to recognise ourselves as “hearers of the word.” That is who we are simply as human beings: we listen out for a potential word from God. It is also who we are as people of faith: God still speaks…


Lent Bible Study

Lent Bible Study For the season of Lent, the Sunday readings are especially helpful and they repay exploration. Here are some ways to access the resources. 1. Zoom Topic: Bible Study: Lent 1C22 Time: Mar 3, 2022 07:30 PM Dublin Meeting ID: 847 4404 2882 Passcode: 396524 NB: if you would like to join this each week, please send me an email and I’ll add you name to the…