Scripture Notes – Sunday 1st August 2021

Sir, give us this bread always! Welcome! We continue our journey into John chapter 6. In the YouTube talk, three dimensions of the Gospel passage are identified: Searching, seeking, questing. What does God want of us? Jesus as the “I am.” Any one of these could take us deeply into our faith in Christ. In particular, the question at the centre — “What must we do to do the works…


Scripture Notes – Sunday 25th July 2021

Then Jesus took the loaves, gave thanks, and gave them out to all who were sitting ready. Welcome On this Sunday, we begin reading from John 6. It is especially suitable this year, as we pick up again our regular attendance at the Eucharist. The forced abstinence will certainly have left its mark. We may wonder what we missed, why we missed it and what sense does it now make…


Scripture Notes – Sunday 18th July 2021

Jesus had compassion on them — they were like sheep without a shepherd Welcome again to Hearers of the Word. The Gospel double story registers various “lacks”: lack of rest, lack of space, lack of nourishment and lack of calmness (order). As we emerge from the covid restrictions and and enter the summer holidays, perhaps we can name our own “lacks” at this time — and they may well include a…


Scripture Notes – Sunday July 4th 2021

He was amazed at their lack of faith. On this Sunday, we go forward to Mark 6:1-6a, the scene in the synagogue at Nazareth. There’s a lot more to it than might seem at first glance. Accordingly, the translation by Eugene Boring is offered in this email. The people of Nazareth were unable to hear what Jesus had to day — a phenomenon not unknown in our own time. The…


Scripture Notes – Sunday 20th June 2021

 Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?   Capernaum: Monastery of the Holy Apostles (You may notice that Jesus is represented twice in the scene.) Welcome The Gospel could hardly be more relevant. Storms and upheavals are everywhere — the church in Germany is a dramatic illustration. It would be tempting to jump in programmatic or managerial “responses” but that would be to miss the point. The starting point has…


Scripture Notes – Sunday 13th June 2021

With what can we compare the kingdom of God? Welcome The Scripture Summer School began on June 1, with an introductory webinar (the recording may be viewed on our dedicated website.) It is not at all too late to register and enjoy the 15 presentations. Biblical Models of the People of God. (Jessie Rogers) Experience of church in Mark’s Gospel, the book of Revelation and the First Letter of Peter. (Sean…



  Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s), Archbishop Dermot Farrell has informed us that Government guidelines will allow for “special religious ceremonies”, including First Holy Communion and Confirmation from 5th July onwards. Over the next few weeks, the Parish Team and Area Pastoral Council will be meeting to look at how best we can begin to proceed with these celebrations. The Government’s/Archbishop’s advice is that while these ceremonies will be permitted from July, it…


Scripture Notes – Corpus Christi – Sunday 6th June 2021

This is my body; this is my blood Welcome The Tarsus Scripture Summer School is open for registration. 15 recorded lectures, to be viewed in your own time. 2 webinars (Welcome Webinar on 1 June; and Q+A on 22 June) Resources Available from June 1 Biblical Models of the People of God. (Jessie Rogers) Experience of church in Mark’s Gospel, the book of Revelation and the First Letter of Peter. (Sean Goan) The Pauline…


Scripture Summer School 2021 : Believing and belonging

Tarsus Scripture School Summer 2021 Dear friends, welcome to our Scripture Summer School 2021. This year, we decided to focus on why belong to a community of faith at all. As always, we’ll be combining current experience and biblical insights. If you know someone who might be interested, please do pass on this email. The full poster is below. 15 pre-recorded lectures 2 webinars (Welcome Webinar on 1 June; and Q+A…