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Scripture Notes – Sunday 3rd April 2022

See, I am doing a new deed!


The thread running the readings for the fifth Sunday of Lent should appeal to us all: we need not carry the burden of the past, whether it be moral or existential, our whole lives long. We “do” forgiveness, as we should! It really is possible to start again.

PS: I’ve tidied up the drop-down menu on my website to make it less cluttered. I hope it makes it more attractive to use. If things are hard to find, perhaps you might let me know.

The Readings

Some Inspiration

John Rutter has composed a new piece of music for peace in Ukraine: A Ukrainian Prayer. The composer himself introduces the music. The choir (non-professional) does a great job.

If you would like to read something challenging for Holy Week and Easter, I would suggest this book with its provocative title: Jesus Wasn’t Killed by the Jews. Reflections for Christians in Lent. It is a short book (122 pages) with 14 compact chapters. The editor, Jon Sweeney, has assembled led an eminent team, both Jewish and Christian, men and women. I happened on the book in Veritas (Dublin); it can also be found online and for Kindle. As our Francophone friends say, il donne à penser!

Reading for Easter and Pentecost 2022

This is the ninth and final volume of the series Hearers of the Word.