Incarnation of Fettercairn

Church of the Incarnation of Fettercairn


Funerals, weddings and anniversary masses are celebrated on request through Marian at the parish office in St. Mark’s (462.0777).

Saint Anne’s Primary School beside the Church is one of four primary schools in the parish.

There is also a very good resource centre which provides counselling services, drug abuse rehabilitation programmes and other activities.

The church also has a very good mural by local artist, Paul Ryan, which was painted for the Jubilee Year 2000. The painting depicts the history of Christianity within an Irish context. And so we are brought visually on a journey from Abraham to Jesus, from Calvary to St Stephen, to St Patrick, St Kevin, and Matt Talbot.

Maria Wallace, another local artist, created the image of Jesus behind the altar. Maria also sculpted the ‘Stations of the Cross’ in the oratory in The Square shopping centre in Tallaght.

The church is cared for by a small but very committed group of lay people, supported by the parish team.

On the 19th May 2001, a beautiful Naming Stone was blessed by Bishop Eamonn Walsh and it now stands in the grounds of the church.

The Stone depicts an icon of Our Blessed Lady with the Child Jesus. The cross was fabricated by John Hyland (Kilcarrig), the Mosaic Artist was Laura O’Hagan (Architectural Ceramics, Bray) and the Garden around it was designed by Peter Kane (Kilcarrig), Bernard Delaney (Drumcairn) and Tony Esmond (Kilmartin). The granite stone was presented by Stone Developments (Ballybrew Enniskerry) and the stonemason was John Dunne (Greenhills).