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Scripture Notes – Sunday 13th March 2022

This is my Son, the Chosen One. Listen to him.


“This is my Son, the Chosen One. Listen to him!”

The transfiguration (Luke does not use the term) invites us to recognise ourselves as “hearers of the word.” That is who we are simply as human beings: we listen out for a potential word from God. It is also who we are as people of faith: God still speaks to us — through nature, people, events and through the Scriptures. Such deep listening is at the heart of our Lenten pilgrimage.

Being a hearer of the word is not a solitary exercise: the Synodal Pathways are also a listening, with and through others, to what the Spirit is saying to the Churches.

The Readings

Some Inspiration

If you have time, Olivier Messiaen’s “The Transfiguration of our Lord Jesus Christ” is very beautiful and gets to heart of the matter.

TSS: Lent 2022

Tarsus Scripture School is offering a comprehensive programme of presentations for Lent, Holy Week and Easter. The overall title is:

“And their eyes were opened and they recognised him” (Luke 24:31): Jesus prophet, martyr, Risen One in Luke-Acts. To register, click here.